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Kristin Steffen is a portrait artist.  Back in 2010 she was 13 weeks pregnant when her water broke.   Both she and her husband Chris believed their baby had died, but after rushing to the hospital, an ultrasound showed a strong, beating heart.  The doctors told them it was only a matter of time before the baby would pass away.  Termination was presented as an option because there was less than 1% survival; however, Kristin and Chris decided to let nature take its course.   "Nature's course" let Kristin's baby stay with her for 15 more weeks. His heart was always beating, but Kristin's amniotic sac never resealed. She and her husband were told their baby would be born without lungs, deformed, and other things, but as long as he was alive, they would keep him where he needed to be--with Kristin.

During that time, Kristin found a support group on Facebook with other women going through what she was. Every mother did what they could, giving her baby the best chance possible. Some had success stories, others didn't. Every day there was the reality of their situation and what each mother would want if her baby didn't make it.  It was unanimous.  Every single mother wanted her baby to be remembered. Kristin grieved with the women who lost their little ones, and was heartbroken when pictures would be posted on social media only to be taken down because they made others feel uncomfortable.  These babies needed to be remembered.  That's when Kristin recalled over two decades ago, her brother and sister-in-law lost their son at 20 weeks gestation. They only had a low quality Polaroid and asked Kristin to draw him.  That portrait offered her family healing and knew other people could benefit from a portrait too.

So, Kristin is an artist that dedicates her talent to families of loss. She draws because of her little boy Luke who was born at 28 weeks and is a survivor.  He is now 7 years old and has no health problems. Luke is a miracle.  Kristin does this for all her brave friends in her pPROM support group.  She does this for her nephew Nathan who is with his Grandma Char (Kristin's mom) in Heaven, and she does this for you. When you contact Kristin and trust her with the memory of your baby, she will be respectful to you and your baby's memory. Every family deserves a portrait of their loved one.

Kristin is here to help. 

Anything is possible.