Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.-L.M. Montgomery

As an artist, I firmly believe everyone should own a quality, original, piece of art.  It is understandable some people have a tight budget which is why there is at least one obtainable option for everyone to consider.  Paying in installments is also available. 

**If you'd like to place an order or discuss anything, you may do so through Facebook, Etsy, or email. There is NEVER an obligation for purchase.  For A Moment is here to help.** 

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**It doesn't take a lot of photos for me to get a proper composition.  1-2 of each subject will more than likely work. If it doesn't, I'll let you know.  Remember, I can add people from different photos to one portrait, or use certain characteristics off of certain pictures.

**Please keep in mind too, each photo is treated with ultimate privacy and respect.  After the portrait is complete, all photos used will be deleted or destroyed out of respect for the family. Finished portraits will not be displayed unless given permission by persons involved in the transaction.

**Also, all babies are a gift, no matter how young, no matter what sort of trauma they've endured.  I have displayed only a handful of the portraits I've done.  I've seen many babies in all different shapes and sizes.  Do not be hesitant to show me photos of your loved one.

**If you are a person who never got to see your baby, a portrait is still an option.  I can use features of the parents, or siblings, and give you a special keepsake portrait of your little one in Heaven. 

**Anything is possible**